Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Revenge of the Tasteless: The Himesh Movie

Aap Ka Surroor...The Moviee...The Real Luv Story is a hit. And I was trying to understand why.

I guess this movie is a hit because it finally breaks all pretensions. No pretension to acting, no pretension to having a story, no pretension to good music, no pretension to logic - even the character is named after the leading man! This is the ultimate self referential movie. This movie is not hypocritical at all. It never even wants to rise to the level of art. IT does not care whether it should be called cinema or even have a plot. It is a WYSWYG movie in totality - a movie made by Himesh for his fans who want to watch Himesh - good, bad, or ugly.

Look at the people who feel justified by this movie. Talentless hacks with huge egos, people with quirky sartorial tastes, paedophiles who eye pubescent girls, supporters of the indiscriminate use of the Hindu mantras, autorickshawalas who dream of banging into expensive cars in rage, bald men wearing caps - all are going to be inspired by this movie, and that's a significant percentage of the population!

From the fans perspective, this is the Revenge of the Tasteless. Too long have they been looked down upon by the more articulate, the intelligent, the snobbish for their lowbrow tastes in music and idols. Too long have they suffered that inferiority complex just because they could not appreciate serious movies or Gulzar's lyrics, or classical music. This is their breakthrough. Himesh has proven to them that lowbrow is acceptable, it is prevalent, it is en vogue, and of course, it is now also desirable! Not only should people accept their stupidity, they should revel in it, be proud of it, and propagate it!

Himesh stands for everything they want to have and, for a change, possibly can have! For if a guy like Himesh can make it big, so can they. When a Hrithik or an Abhishek makes it big, their personalities, skills, physicality, pedigrees are too far above the normal person to even aspire to that level. But Himesh, if he can become a hero and a famous singer with that voice and those looks, then so can the average shopkeeper. No actor currently can claim to be so close to the average Rakesh, Kamlesh, Mahesh, or Durgesh, than Himesh!

I guess the hoi polloi has spoken. And truly, who among us doesn't have that sneaking admiration for Himesh for having pulled this audacious stunt off? Everyone thought he couldn't, but for him. And he proved everyone wrong. You have to admire that, even if you don't admire the product. Even if you lament the likely effect - more sequels, more singing, more Himesh.

Scurry for cover, all ye with taste. Your days are done.

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romila said...

But did you get to see Himesh minus his topi????
btw,your review is worth reading even if the movie might not be worth watching:)