Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Someone asked to make blogging regularly my new year resolution. Easier said, and even more easily done - the resolution, I mean. Sticking to it is like giving up smoking - I haven't been very successful in either.

Let's see. I will be in the US for a month starting 15th. Maybe away from the vissicitudes of Bombay life, I will get more time to update my blog. Or am I consoling myself?


Neihal said...

thats a good start for the year...just dont follow it up like the last yr..:))
waiting for those interesting provocative posts :))

Shan said...

Thanks Neihal. Will try and oblige.

Rio said...

wow, my li'l comment got this blog back up again? i'd like to take credit right now if this becomes the most happening blog of 2007 on blogosphere! (that was a subtle hint, btw hehe)

write from the US of A! you couldn't have a better ground for being inspired to write :)

vinay said...

Sorry to post here with regard to a completely different subject matter but I just did not know where else to do it.

Shan, I was just going through the Greatbong's article titled "Rama Rama" on the Ram Setu project and I just wanted to drop in a note on how much I appreciated your comments. I was as amazed as you at the vitriolic outpourings on the forum and was glad to read your views and your responses to a lot of the right wingers. Just wanted to say thank you.